« It all depends on what you`re protecting, whether the negotiations are controversial, the quality of the advice you`ve chosen, and the socioeconomic level of the client, » said Barger, based in McLean, Virginia. There are 3 possible marriage schemes in South Africa, from which couples can choose, and each scheme has its own advantages and disadvantages. The standard matrimonial regime in South Africa is « in community of property », and if a couple wishes to marry with respect to one of the other matrimonial regimes, they must enter into a marriage contract that registers the chosen marriage regime. For some people, a marriage contract seems to be a sign of mistrust between the partners. A marriage contract is concluded if the couples do not want to marry in community of property and are contracted before the marriage. A marriage contract can be especially important for someone who already has assets such as a business or family obligations such as children from a previous marriage.