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The exceptions, which are generally formulated, provide the courts with a great deal of discretion. Tobin J, Rose-Ackerman S (2005) Foreign direct investment and the business environment in developing countries: the effects of bilateral investment agreements. Yale Center for Law, Economics and Public Policy. The discussion paper. New Haven, Conn Specifically, gravitational models suffer from integrated distortions of « normal » business models — down for relatively remote countries and upwards for closer countries – unless bilateral distances are weighted by the size of trading partners. We are very grateful to an anonymous expert for drawing our attention to Polak`s (1996) contribution. The embedded distortions are perhaps less severe in gravity models for gravity models for direct gravity models, compared to trade-based gravity models, considering that the effects of distance on dis are generally considered ambiguous: as with trade, FDIs tend to be deterred by distance-related transaction costs.