Electronic signature is obviously part of this system. Why interrupt such an efficient process to print a document, insert it into a signature device and pass it through the office to track your signatory? If the online signature is done with a certified solution, it guarantees the security of your contracts and allows you to keep in a safe place the elements that testify to the agreement and the identity of the signatories. An electronic certificate is now much safer than a contract kept in a file, an archive box or a warehouse. Apart from the legal restrictions, your choice depends on the balance between friendliness and security. Today, the vast majority of electronic signatures are so-called simple signatures, which are already safe enough for most transactions. Online signature allows you to send documents to be signed by e-mail to all signatories at the same time. You can read them on your computer, phone or tablet, and then sign them in seconds with a security code sent by SMS. Everyone involved will be informed of the signed documents and will be able to continue the process, which will greatly improve the responsiveness of your services. Productivity gains are difficult to quantify, but real. Your employees will be able to drastically reduce the time of red tape (visits to the post office, reminders …) to devote themselves to their core business and to more rewarding tasks for the company. For example, a sales agent no longer needs to contact clients to sign contracts or estimates.

The entire decision chain, which will be informed in real time, will be able to speed up the implementation of the contracts. Beyond the purely material aspect of the contract, it is the entire carbon footprint associated with the treatment that can be reduced by electronic signature. You can reduce the number of documents you print, the number of emails you send, the number of round trips to the signatories you create. Administrative processes and contracting procedures are among the elements that require significant use of resources and can therefore have a lasting impact on the environment. Online signature is therefore a solution that reduces these effects. It is consistently part of a process to reduce the company`s carbon footprint. An electronic signature API allows you to further automate this process by integrating it directly into your internal tools (CRM, ERP, Website). You can automatically generate PDF documents from templates by filling fields on your platform. Once this is done, the document can be signed online without changing the tools. By choosing an electronic signature solution offered by an eIDAS certified service provider, you opt for a solution with real legal value, in the sense that you can add an electronic certificate to the signed document to determine the integrity of the signed document and authenticate the signatories! There are three levels of digital signature related to the level of security and the identification of signatories. Depending on your needs, the associated risks and the legal constraints associated with certain documents, you must choose between simple, advanced or qualified electronic signatures. We have made a brief summary of these differences here.

The electronic signature is the logical continuation of your digital transition.