Although this is only the case in the cross-purchase agreement and in the cross-purchase contract, the premiums paid to the business are deductible as compensation expenses, but insurance premiums must be incorporated into the contractor`s income. Raymond James Ltd. is a wholly indirect subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc. Securities-related products and services are offered through Raymond James Ltd., a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Insurance products and services are offered through Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd,100 a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. The use of the Raymond James Ltd website is subject to the web usage contract. Disability insurance premiums are safe, predictable and predictable. At this crucial time in the life of the small business and its owners, disability-purchase insurance transfers the financing of the small business and business buyout to the insurance company. Of course, it is expensive to continue to pay the salary of someone who cannot contribute, even if that person owns it. Disability insurance is therefore an inexpensive way to protect an asset – the owner`s income – while protecting the company`s cash flow. Many features are available to enhance the benefits of the directive. Small business owners have the opportunity to tailor liability insurance to their personal and professional needs.

Depending on a contractor`s total disability, disability-purchase insurance may relate to expenses related to vocational rehabilitation plans or accommodation or other access services (i.e., the installation of a wheelchair ramp) that help the entrepreneur find regular employment in his or her own trade. Commercial or professional insurance for overhead. This is an important cover for a company with only one owner. The disability insurance described above replaces income, but does not cover the operating costs of running a business when the owner is disabled.