In general, the ASU cannot compensate the other party or « keep it unscathed. » Every effort should be made to remove these provisions from the proposed treaties. There are limited exceptions to this general rule. Please note that a provision stipulating that the ASU is « responsible » or that « the other party is reimbursed » may be a compensation clause. A provision in which the ASU « represents » something or « guaranteed » may also constitute a compensation clause. If you are preparing a contract without a model format, some basic formats can be downloaded and printed from the links below (ASURITE authentication required). Please note that these form agreements can only be signed by higher education officers with the authority responsible for signing contracts, in accordance with the ASU`s contractual authority (PUR 107). In addition, certain types of contracts must be managed or approved by those in these areas who have the authority`s permission (see the contracting authority). In addition, substantial or substantial changes to the standard contractual language or standard CMO contract format must be approved. Failure to secure the corresponding signature authority may result in personal liability (ARS 35-154) and loss of insurance coverage for the employee involved in the transaction.

For damaged or expired exams (150 days or more after the printed audit date), bring the cheque and student card to the Tempe campus student accounting office to request a replacement exam. If you follow the link to the contract forms below, you agree to have read and understood the above restrictions regarding the use of these forms. Any provision requiring the application of the laws of another state or requiring the ASU to submit to the jurisdiction of another state must be removed. For more information, please see the necessary provisions. Versions are available through ASU Risk and Emergency Management. ASU Risk and Emergency Management re-examines the program/event to identify needs and provides, where appropriate, a program/event-specific sharing/renouncement. Release, Compensation – Acceptance of the Risk Form (This form is provided by ASU Risk and Emergency Management. Please contact With respect to insurance coverage, ASU is generally limited to insurance coverage provided by the Arizona State Insurance Program and the Risk Management Division. Contractual provisions requiring ASU to support certain types of insurance or certain amounts of insurance or requiring ASU to present an insurance certificate are often at odds with ASU`s insurance coverage and efforts should be made to remove these provisions. You will find information on insurance requirements for contracting parties who enter into the necessary arrangements with ASU.

Please check and update your addresses on My ASU before your exam is reissued.