You are responsible for the compliance of the terms of this Agreement by your authorized users. If you learn that your authorized users have not complied with the terms of this Agreement, you agree to take appropriate steps to remedy non-compliance and prevent further incidents. Check-in and customer information. The customer ensures and guarantees that the information that the customer has made available as part of his registration for the SOFTWARE is complete and correct. To the extent that the customer provides personal data to NVIDIA during registration or by any other means, the Customer also recognizes that this information is collected, used and disclosed by NVIDIA in accordance with NVIDIA`s privacy policies, which are available under the URL If the customer does not want THE SOFTWARE to provide system updates as described in Section 7, disable « Automatically Search for Updates » in the « Parameters » tab of the corresponding NVIDIA update control panel for the software. If a provision of this LICENCE is not compatible with the law or cannot be fully applied, that provision is interpreted to limit it to be compatible with the law and fully applicable. This LICENCE is the final, comprehensive and exclusive agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous or concurrent agreements and agreements on this purpose, whether orally or in writing. This LICENCE can only be amended in writing, signed by an authorized NVIDIA officer. Customers agree that they do not ship, transfer or export SOFTWARE to a country or use SOFTWARE in any way, prohibited by the U.S.

Bureau of Industry and Security or by applicable export laws, restrictions or regulations. IMPORTANT NOTE — READ CAREFULLY: This license for NVIDIA GeForce Software`s (« LICENCE » customer use license is the agreement that governs the use of the GeForce software of NVIDIA Corporation and its subsidiaries (« NVIDIA »), which can be downloaded here, including computer software and associated hardware (« SOFTWARE »). By downloading, installing, copying or using THE SOFTWARE, you declare bound by the terms of this LICENCE. If you do not accept the terms of this license, do not download the software. If you are a university, you can allow registered or university-employeeed users to access the SDK and use it through your secure network. This license agreement for the use of NVIDIA GEFORCE SOFTWARE (« ACCORD ») is the agreement that regulates the use of GeForce Experience computer software, installers and drivers associated with this download, as well as all related documentation (together the « SOFTWARE ») of NVIDIA Corporation and its subsidiaries (« NVIDIA »). PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING OR USING THE SOFTWARE. NVIDIA is prepared to license the software only if you agree to all the conditions contained in this CONTRAT. By downloading, installing, copying or using THE SOFTWARE, you accept this CONTRAT and agree to be bound to all its conditions.