You can add money to your Gator Dollar account by using one of the many Add Value Stations (AVS) on campus. Or you can use a credit card to add money to your Gator Dollar account with our secure online deposit feature. « It`s the ability to integrate the transit card solution into the current SFSU OneCard system, making it a superior card printing solution, » says John Gates, Director of Tax Operations at SFSU. « Integration allows data sharing with many systems, so the latest ID card information can be updated when a new card is issued. » We advise you to register your card at in order to block other transactions on your Clipper account. If you have registered your Gator Pass with Clipper, you should also contact Clipper and report your lost or stolen card. You can then transfer the current value of your previous card to the new one once it is assigned. On the other hand, Clipper Cash is a separate account to pay for your transit. You can register your new OneCard/Gator pass on the Clipper website, to view your transit balance on your account. In addition, you can add money online and disable the card if it is lost/stolen. You can also add clipper cash to Muni and bart vending machines at most stations.

We recommend registering your Clipper card online, but your transit discounts don`t need to be activated. OneCard serves as a J. Paul Leonard library card for all students, teachers and collaborators. It is also an access card for students in the apartment. OneCard has a campus function for the balance sheet that allows access to copy and printing stations as well as the ability to make purchases from campus merchants. Visit the OneCard Merchants page to see the full list where your OneCard feature can be used for a backward-balanced card. OneCard will not charge you for the new favorite name card as long as you have your previous card with you, otherwise the $20 administrative fee and the $2 card fee ($22 in total) will be charged. The initiative is based on a new card printing process, which reads the information on the Clipper card and assigns a student ID number to the university`s database. During a pass through the card printer, a student`s academic information, image and logo and design are printed on the new SFSU OneCard, so that it can be used as both a student card and a transit passport.