SPSS Inc. (spSS) and the licensee identified in the attached order forms (LICENSEE) agree: This communication must appear outside on each distribution medium and internally in a machine-readable form. LICENSEE also agrees to complete the adaptation process described in the documentation before creating copies of the software, and that all copies produced indicate the name of the site`s license, as stated in the ORDER version. For program licensing agreements for programs announced prior to May 1, 1999, please contact your on-site IBM office or your local IBM partner. Hearne owns or concedes all of the intellectual property of third parties or, in the case of IBM SPSS Software, licensed this software by IBM and, with respect to all of the intellectual property provided by Hearne, the licensee acknowledges and accepts that: a) the intellectual property is wholly owned by Hearne or is fully authorized and the licensee will not contest or challenge the title. , intellectual property rights or property; (b) the licensee can only enter into the intellectual property available to him in accordance with the grant granted to him, which was otherwise agreed in writing with Hearne; and (c) complies with all current intellectual property rules and regulations (in particular, it ensures that its users otherwise know that IBM SPSS software is owned by IBM and is authorized by Hearne) and will occasionally execute all appropriate instructions Hearne has given it regarding IBM SPSS software. 6.1 SPSS guarantees that it has the right to grant this licence. The use of SPSS for commercial research is a violation of the university`s license agreement and is strictly prohibited. 3.2 If licensed orders from LICENSEE and SPSS accept a subsequent order pursuant to Section 1.4, LICENSEE agrees to pay THE SOFTWARE licence fees within 30 days of the date set on the SPSS invoice. Unless Hearne is assured in writing, the licensee acknowledges that he must rely on his own judgment on the nature, quality and condition of the IBM SPSS software provided by Hearne and on its suitability for any use or use, and the licensee acknowledges that Hearne is not required to verify the adequacy of the IBM SPSS software that he has authorized with respect to any purpose. and that no such assurance has been given.

De Hearne. 7.3 This agreement replaces all agreements, proposals, representations and prior communications between the parties regarding the purpose of this issue. In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the software orders, the terms of this agreement are given priority. IBM SPSS Modeler Gold is available on hosted delivery. This means that you can access it via the internet via a web browser. The advantage is that no local installation is required. SaaS delivery looks like a type of rental license. The minimum duration of a SaaS licence is three consecutive months.

« site, » the specific geographical location in which a single organizational unit is located. A certain geographical location may be a building, a real estate complex, an academic complex or a corporate office. IBM reserves the right to determine whether a particular location and organizational unit are considered sites. For the purposes of this agreement, the site is limited to the sites listed in Schedule 1.