OTL seeks the most effective means of technology transfer for the use and utility of the public and is responsible for the evaluation, marketing, negotiation and licensing of copyrighted inventions or materials with commercial potential at the university. Computer databases, software and firmware, as well as other copyrighted works of the university are authorized through OTL. Derogations from this procedure must be approved in advance by the Dean of Research. Frederick Terman was instrumental in the creation of Stanford Industrial Park, the university`s first industrial park in the world. At the end of World War II, Stanford faced financial difficulties and looked for ways to generate additional revenue. The university had large areas, but Leland Stanford won`t sell. However, the will did not close the lease of the land and the university developed plans for the construction of a light industrial park on the land it owned. Terman called the park « our secret weapon » and tried to encourage technology-driven companies to set up shop there.15 The following should be used on academic material to protect copyright: Copyright © [year] The Board of Trustees of Leland University From Stanford Junior. All rights reserved. No other institutional names or departments should be used in the copyright note, although the name and address of the service to which readers can apply may be indicated under the copyright indication. The publication date of the book should be that of the first publication, that is, distributed to the public or to any public. In addition, works can be registered with their official forms with the U.S.

Copyright Office. Forms are available from the Office of Technology Licensing, which can also answer copyright and registration questions. 19. University staff are discussing with Cambridge Enterprise how to operate it in order to reach a confidentiality agreement, whether a patent application is required and whether a company should be set up to use the technology.