In May, the union and the administration of U-46 tentatively agreed on a new multi-year contract for the 2018/21 school years, which would have increased all teachers. It proposed that teachers move to a new compensation model, with an average annual increase of 3.88 per cent over three years, and offered some teachers the opportunity to move on to the new model over time, while remaining under the current compensation system, while accumulating career credits. EU membership rejected the agreement by an overwhelming majority. Members of the Elgin Teachers` Association will take a first look at a preliminary agreement on a new teacher contract next week. The Elgin Area School District U-46 Board could vote on the agreement on May 6. Brian Hill Staff Photographer, 2010 Below are all resources for the preliminary agreement that has been presented. The district`s more than 2,400 teachers have been working without a contract since the last one-year extension expired on August 10. The terms of the contract remain in effect until both parties sign a new agreement. It granted a basic salary increase of 0.94 per cent, with an increase of 3.1 per cent on average. The county administration and the Elgin Teastors Association announced that they had made « significant progress » in reaching an interim agreement on compensation items – salary, health insurance, retirement and pay rates – and issues related to early learning, parent-teacher conferences, safety, professional development, technology, supervision and behavioural needs support systems. According to a joint statement by union president Barbara Bettis and U-46 Assistant Commissioner Suzanne Johnson, a full interim agreement is expected this week.

The union`s board of directors will review the agreement on Monday, before it is presented to the union`s representatives meeting on Wednesday. The information materials relating to the agreement will be published at this time on the ETA website. Several briefings on the interim agreement are scheduled for the end of this month – 22, 24, 25, 26 and 29 April. Schedules and locations have yet to be determined. The provisional agreement was submitted to the meeting of representatives on 17 April 2019. On Tuesday, 30 April, MEPs approved the provisional agreement by 1,764 votes to 336. « We will also have the opportunity for members to address our management team to answer questions about the interim agreement, » Bettis wrote. Appendix F (clean version) – Appendix F, updated without changing the red line « The work is far from finished, » ETA President Barbara Bettis wrote in an email to MPs.