If a loved one dies: A checklist for the processing of financial affairs Add or manage the minimum distribution service required Withdraw money from your pension account or non-retirement beneficiary ID form Change the ownership of a new account for an organization . Individual401 (k)/Individual Roth 401 (k) Transfer to nonspousal Beneficiary Form Remove excess contributions, convert assets or re-characterize contributions. Change your address or remove RPO status from your Focus account on Succession Planning: The Meaning of Recipient Designations Kit Update your investment fund account to a Vanguard Brokerage W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification and) account form Certification) Change of 1 Ownership between existing Vanguard NonretireMent Accounts Focus on Estate Planning: Preparing End-of-Life Expenses Authorization to provide account information to employers Add an electronic transfer service between your bank and your Vanguard account.