7. Although Judah is supposed to survive the fall of Ephraim, « they » (the men of Judah) have like sins committed by the Samaries (Isaiah 5:3 Isaiah 5:11) that must be chastised by God. erroneous.. are out of the way.. Role. Repeated to express the frequency of vice. Priest. Prophet – When the servants of religion sin as much as other rulers (Isaiah 56:10 Isaiah 56:12)! Vision – even in the most sacred function of the Prophet to proclaim the will of God, which has been revealed to them. Priests had the administration of the law to accommodate them (Deeds 5:17:9, 19:17). It was against the law that priests took wine before entering the tabernacle (Leviticus 10:9; Ezekiel 44:21). Instead of trusting God, they trust in the strength of people or the perceived strength of nations. These are promises they could not keep, and since they were promoted by the false prophets, they were promises of lies. Covenants with death. 29.

This too – The capacity with which the husband correctly adjusts his drecs is given by God, as well as the capacity (Isaiah 28,26) with which he erases and sows (Isaiah 28,24 Isaiah 28,25). That is why He must also be able to adapt His treatments to the different moral needs of His creatures. His purpose when sending tribulations (derived from the Latin tribulum, an « instrument of threshing », Luke 22,31, Romans 5,3) is to separate the moral tares from the wheat, not to crush completely; « His judgments are normally in line with our misdeeds; By the nature of judgments, we can usually establish the nature of sin » [BARNES]. Verses 1–4 What people are proud of, no matter how wicked, is like a crown to them; but pride is the precursor of destruction. How stupid drunkards act! Those who are overwhelmed by wine are overwhelmed by Satan; and there is no greater chore in the world than excessive alcohol consumption. Your health is ruined; Men are broken in their vocations and possessions, and their families are ruined. Their souls are in danger of being defeated forever, all to satisfy a lower lust. In God`s professing people, like Israel, it is worse than in any other. And it is only taking away the abundance they abuse so much.

The abundance they were proud of is just a fading flower. Like the first fruits that, once discovered, are picked and eaten. Jeremiah 14:13 Then I said, Oh, Lord God! Behold, the prophets say to them, « You will not see the sword, nor shall you have starvation; but I will give you certain peace in this place. In the book of the prophet Isaiah, in chapter 28, a terrible league is mentioned. And what`s worse than the league is why the league was made! 25. Face – the « surface » of the soil: « clarified » or even, shaking. Fitches – rather « dill » or « fennel »; Nigella romana, with black cumin, easy to beat, used as a spice and medicine in the East. Thus, the Septuagint, « Cummin » was used in the same way. Infused.. Main wheat – plant wheat in rows instead (because wheat was thought to bring the greatest harvest by planting it sparingly [PLINY, Natural History, 18.21]); [MAURER]; « Sow the wheat regularly » [HORSLEY]. But GESENIUS, like the English version, « fat » or « principal », that is to say an excellent wheat. barley designated – rather « barley in its special place » [MAURER].

. . . .