Click on the « Manage Partners » button on the Effort tab to manage the list of partners associated with the work package: progress indicators are the final composition of the PMB, the level of quality/accuracy of the policies and the timing of the adoption of the partnership agreements. The purpose of a work package is to provide a set of information about one or more required products, compiled by the project manager to formally pass responsibility for the work or delivery to a team leader or team member. Theoretically, a work package could be completed in a few minutes or correspond to a sub-project. Therefore, it is important that organizations and their projects have a common understanding of the terms used: project, subproject, task, activity, sub-activity, work package, task, etc. For standard work packages, you can use the Effort tab page to manage data about partners and their efforts. The aim of these work packages is to provide all parties involved with clear guidelines and administrative procedures for their tasks. All activities and work plans should be discussed and revised accordingly. The University of Nantes will lead all the work and will be supported by GASS. If a result is added but not linked to a work package, it will appear in the list of results without the associated « relative number in WP »: the animation of the network also depends on the effective dissemination of the results and achievements of the project. Therefore, WP5 and WP7 leaders need to work together and connect WANASEA with other existing research projects and networks (Erasmus Plus projects and others) in the region. Detailed descriptions in your work package help control the Scope Creep.

This condition occurs when a project progresses and the client sees and loves your work. The continuous results you present can trigger new ideas that the client wants to add to your current work package. Please don`t just agree verbally and just add the new work requirements to your current schedule! You add extra tasks and don`t get any extra payouts for them! After the kick-off meeting, a manual is created that describes the project processes, including scheduling tasks between partners, the number and type of reports, templates and list of actions, and communication tools to use. These guidelines will also include a revised work plan and clear procedures for hiring interns, staff, etc. This manual will complement existing European Commission directives. The aim is to clarify the decision-making process and the exact activities and results expected from each partner. A work package defines a service that must be provided during a project on a set date and with a planned effort. The term itself already suggests it: it is a set of works. Thus, a work package can have an internal structure and be divided into smaller work steps.

Since there is (or should always be) one person responsible for each work batch, project management does not have to deal with all stages of work, but may focus on larger planning units such as work packages or project phases. This format works well, whether they use a consent letter or a formal contract document. The contract lists all parts and indicates all outputs and deliveries. The author decided to specify the total cost of the campaign, but he could list each line with a breakdown of costs – especially if subcontractors are to be employed. You must include a sufficient description so that your offer contains a reasonable estimate of the entire work, especially if you need to complete a project as a coordinator. At the end of each AWP, all trainees present themselves with a certificate of participation signed by the consortium. .